1. You are oblivious to other people’s feelings.

Has a close friend ever experienced an emotion in your presence without your notice? There’s a good chance that if you consistently overlook the people around you when they’re in despair, you might not be an empath.

2. You notice others’ feelings, but aren’t affected by them.

You might notice somebody else’s emotions, but if you don’t experience them yourself, you’re probably not an empath.

3. People refer to you as “unsympathetic,” or call you a sociopath.

Let’s be real. If people regularly observe that you have no compassion or empathy, you’re a sociopath, not an empath.

4. You sleep easy at night, even knowing a friend is in pain.

If your sleep is not disturbed by the suffering around you, you might not be an empath.

5. Robots and electronics feel at ease around you.

Empaths are known to cause disturbances in electric fields due to their powerful psychic waves. Non-empaths can expect the opposite–don’t be surprised if your Roomba wants to cuddle, or your alarm clock coos like a dove.