1. Don’t wear your cosplay to work.

It might be tempting, but don’t do it! It’s a total faux pas, and even though your employee manual doesn’t specifically forbid it, you better be believe you would attract the wrong sort of attention.

2. It’s not okay for your boss to take your photo.

On the convention scene, you’re probably used to people stopping you in the hallway and asking you to pose for photos. This doesn’t happen in the real world—if your boss pulls you aside and demands photographs, something has gone horribly wrong.

3. Don’t ask your fans to visit you at work.

We get it! When you have a thousand Instagram followers, you want to get to know them. But while it’s totally normal to post online which conventions you’ll be going to and inviting people to say hi, it’s not okay to tell them to come visit you at work. Your co-workers will not be amused to see people from the Internet looking for you.

4. Don’t thank your fans if you get a promotion.

When you win the cosplay contest, it’s important to thank your loyal fans who got you so far. When you do it in the office, however, you sound like a crazy person.

5. Venting about your co-workers online will get you fired.

Typically when a cosplayer gets heated about something, they go to social media and put the offending parties on blast. That won’t fly in the office—you’ll have to face your co-workers every day, and they won’t be happy.

6. Don’t ask your boss to donate to your Patreon.

It’s tempting to tell your boss that if he wants you to keep up the hard work, he should make a recurring donation to your Patreon, but it won’t go over the way you think. You’re already being paid to work hard.

7. You shouldn’t need to pull an all-nighter to get dressed for work.

Sometimes it takes all night to cobble your cosplay together, but if you have to forego sleep in order to get dressed for work, you’re going to have major problems.

8. Don’t steal people’s food from the office refrigerator.

There’s nobody more loathed than a food thief. Just don’t do it–no matter how hungry you are! Your victim will find you, and there will be justice meted.

9. Refrain from playing J-Pop at your desk unless you’re wearing headphones.

It’ll just get on everyone’s nerves. Listen to your Ayumi Hamasaki or Hatsune Miku or whatever weeb shit is popular these days with headphones at a low volume, if you must. Nobody subjects you to their music, have some consideration. The last time a cosplayer jammed out to the Initial D soundtrack at his desk, he was escorted out by security.

10. Don’t leave pins and needles everywhere!

Your co-workers won’t appreciate it if they get stuck!

11. Be sure to wash your work clothes.

It’s an open but dirty secret that cosplayers try to avoid wear and tear on their outfits by neglecting to wash them until it’s absolutely necessary, but this won’t fly in the office! Wash and dry your clothes regularly.

12. Don’t use perfumes or aerosols in the workplace.

You never know what allergies people have, so be considerate!