Disgraced Alabama Judge and Republican Senate Candidate, Roy Moore, was recently exposed by the Washington Post as having sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl and attempting to “date” multiple other teenagers. Another accuser came foward, accusing the judge of attempting to rape her in a parking lot as a 16-year old. Despite Moore’s claim to have no recollection of Beverly Young Nelson, she produced his signed and dated message in her high school yearbook:

It’s since come out that Moore’s co-workers at the district Court said it was “common knowledge” he was a pedophile, and he was even banned from the local shopping Mall because of his tendency to lurk about preying on teenagers. Roy Moore reminds me of an anime convention pervert, so like an anime convention pervert, he should trying playing these 5 dating sims instead of trying to fuck children.

1. Persona 5

Many gamers think the Persona series has taken the Japanese RPG crown from Final Fantasy. While it’s not quite a dating sim, Persona 5 allows the vigilante Joker to pursue relationships with high school girls–just like Roy Moore!

You can buy Persona 5 here at Amazon.com.

2. Princess Maker 2

In this classic Japanese game, you raise your daughter from childhood into whatever type of woman you want her to be. As you literally dictate her schedule, she has no free will, and in certain endings, you might even marry her. This seems like the sort of game Roy Moore would like to play.

You can get it from Steam here.

3. Chibi Pire! Kyuuketsu Shimai to Ecchi de Bitch na Dousei Seikatsu

This game is about a “lolicon” (e.g., pedophile) who “can’t resist” the local teens. Just like Roy Moore. If he wants to find this game, he’ll have to look it up himself.

4. Hatoful Boyfriend

While these teenagers are also pigeons, I wouldn’t put it past Roy Moore to enjoy courting them.

Available on Steam here.

5. My Girlfriend is the President

Roy Moore’s three favorite things are Jesus, exaggerated American patriotism, and using political power to coerce teenager girls; this game would fit him just fine!

You can buy it here from PlayAsia.

If you’re a decent person and want to keep Roy Moore out of the Senate, you should consider donating to his opponent, Doug Jones.