Thanksgiving is best-known as a time for spirited political discussion with your rarely-seen family members, so this season we’ve put together a listicle of all the best anti-Trump gear you could possibly bring to dinner and really stick it to your racist, religious, and Republican family members.

1. It’s Mueller Time t-shirt

Let your family know that, unlike FOX News-watching, complicit Uncle Danny, you fully support Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, and that when the time comes for Mueller to “Lock Him Up,” you’re going to crack open a cold one.

2. Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Switch out the paper when no one is looking, and throw out your family’s Charmin. If anyone’s wiping their ass this Thanksgiving, it’s going to be with Donald Trump’s face.

3. “I Hate When I Wake Up In The Morning and Donald Trump Is President” Coffee Mug

Put it right out there: The first thing you do every morning is curse Drumpf. Fill the mug up with wine, too, so your family knows you’re drinking about it.

4. We Shall Overcomb: How to Survive the Presidency of the Angry Cheeto: The Resistance: The Anti Trump Adult Coloring Book

In fact, don’t even talk to your family. Just break out this adult coloring book and scribble angrily.

5. The Trump Lies Checklist T-Shirt

You know that Trump has told at least 1318 lies as of October 2017. You don’t have time to list EVERY SINGLE ONE to your family, so when they demand to know why you’re calling 45 a “miserable failure” and a “fucking liar,” just point to your t-shirt.

6. The Resign Motherfucker cap

You tell that motherfucker to resign right now.

You can buy the hat here.

7. The Impeach Trump Flag

Wrap this’s 3x5 foot IMPEACH TRUMP flag around your neck like a cape. You’re a #Resistance superhero, and your family should be unsettled by how passionate you are.

Profits from the sales of these flags goes to the Drumpf Fund, a hand-picked group of charitable causes that fight for civil rights and equal opportunity for all Americans in the face of this administration’s dangerous policies.

8. 10-Pack of Fuck Trump Car Decals

You know what to do with these. Put one on everybody’s car. Make your family motorcade a giant middle finger to the Orange Cheeto.

Never stop #resisting.