Submission Guidelines

We at are soliciting uncompensated submissions of articles and artwork. Articles are selected and revised at the editors’ discretion. You retain the right to publish your article elsewhere, but we retain the right to republish or use the provided content as we like. We’re not awful people, though—feel free to reach out to us with your concerns.

Paid writing positions are currently not available; however, at this time we are willing to pay you in exposure, which many artists find to be preferable to money. It could be beneficial to you to generate published articles to include in your journalistic portfolio.

Know your audience. We at aim to reach out to the Indigo Children, those living in the Age of Aquarius, free-thinkers, shamans, “New Agers,” confused teenagers, people living with invisible illnesses, and allies.

Suggested topics might include, but are not limited to:

We reserve the right to inject product placement and affiliate links into the body of your text, because that’s how we’re banking on our bills getting paid.

If you would like a product placement article directing to your own product, please send us an e-mail. We assume no liability for promoting your product, but we’d love to skim a commission. If such article were to be selected for publication, the submission will be entirely rated on its entertainment value; acceptance or rejection is not to be construed as anything of an endorsement.

Sending us free products for review does not guarantee, but will certainly prompt consideration of, product reviews. Understand that our unpaid shills are free-thinking rebels who can’t be bought and won’t sell out, so they might occasionally skewer a product that fails them in highly specific scenarios.

Submissions should be sent to us here.